Monday, May 14, 2007

Here is practicing embedding a hyperlink

Here we go! Staying Alive is brilliant!! .

Here's how to embed a hypertext link in your post

This is an example of an embedded link. This goes back to the blog, Stayin' Alive, the greatest public health blog ever.

In my last comment I was refering to special needs population with a different etnic background aswell. They are not only in disadvantage from comming from a minority population and speaking a different language but also they or their families have very little tools to access the services they need.

Upcoming Vacation

I'm counting the days to go sailing....................


This is a post. I want to play around with this more---maybe at lunch.

The College

If you want to stady in a College you can get easy facilities for do it. Just do it.

Morning Monday

Ok, I really need coffee!